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Peru Balsam Resinoide

Peru Balsam Resinoide

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Base note

CAS# 8007-00-9

Manufacturer: Firmenich

Odor description: sweet-spicy, balsamic, rich, with vanilla and chocolate nuances

Peruvian Balsam, extracted from the Myroxylon pereirae tree native to South America, is a dense, brownish substance known for its deep, sweet aroma and excellent fixative properties. It is particularly effective in enhancing and prolonging the longevity of amber, leather, and gourmand notes in perfume compositions. Its rich, balsamic quality adds a luxurious depth, complemented by subtle vanilla and chocolate undertones.

Note: Given its very thick consistency, it is advisable to gently warm the balsam before further processing to facilitate easier blending.

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