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Oxane 50% (DPG)

Oxane 50% (DPG)

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CAS# 59323-76-1

Manufacturer: Firmenich

Odor description: fruity-green, sulfurous, tart, with grapefruit and galbanum nuances

Oxane is an extremely potent fruity-green molecule. Its nuances truly reveal themselves only with significant dilution. At that point, the sulfurous connotations diminish, and a scent reminiscent of tropical fruits emerges. When used judiciously, it can add a natural dimension to many accords, particularly those that are citrus, fruity, as well as jasmine, rose, and lily of the valley.

Note: This substance is for advanced users! Its strong characteristics require careful handling to balance its intensity while harnessing its complex aroma profile effectively in fragrance formulations.

Dilute well before use! Min 1% but we recommend 0,1% or even more.

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