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CAS# 123-35-3

Manufacturer: other

Odor Description: turpentine-herbal, sharp, dry, woody nuances

Myrcene is an organic chemical compound from the group of unsaturated hydrocarbons of natural origin, belonging to the monoterpenes, and is a component of many essential oils. It has strong olfactory properties.

It is often found in plants such as pine, caraway, bay laurel, dill, hemp, sage, tarragon, and ginger. It is also a pheromone for the spruce bark beetle. It is poorly soluble in water, but well in ethanol, chloroform, and ether. It was first synthesized in 1965 by the pyrolysis of α-pinene.

As a pure substance, it is used in the perfume and pharmaceutical industries. It is also a raw material for the production of substances such as menthol, citral, citronellol, citronellal, geraniol, and nerol.

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