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Musk Ambrette 5 g

Musk Ambrette 5 g

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Base Note

CAS# 83-66-9

Manufacturer: other

Odor Description: musky-floral, sweet, warm, retro

Musk Ambrette was widely used as a musk in the previous decade, especially in its early years. Its characteristic scent allowed for its use in large concentrations, resulting in a powerful fixative effect. Its official career ended in 1995. Recognized as harmful to human health, it was banned and withdrawn from common use.

We do not encourage its intensive use; rather, it is valued for its historical significance. Without Musk Ambrette, the atmosphere of vintage perfumes cannot be fully recreated.

Note: The molecule does not dilute well in pure ethanol. Similar to Musk Ketone, Benzyl Benzoate can be used as an alternative. It can also be added directly to the concentrate to avoid solubility issues.

Link to the article about the harmfulness of musk ketones, including Musk Ambrette:

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