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Methyl Anthranilate Extra (solidified liquid)

Methyl Anthranilate Extra (solidified liquid)

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Heart Note

CAS# 134-20-3

Manufacturer: Givaudan

Odor Description: floral-fruity, exotic, orange blossom, grape, nuances of jasmine, gardenia, and tuberose

Methyl Anthranilate is an absolute classic, indispensable for all kinds of intoxicating and narcotic floral accords.

In nature, it's a component of the scent of flowers such as jasmine, gardenia, champaca, black locust, and ylang-ylang. It's also a part of the flavor of many fruits, especially grapes.

NOTE: Methyl anthranilate can turn into a solidified liquid at room temperature. When heated, it liquefies and slowly returns to its previous state.

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