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Hay Absolute (hierochloe alpina) 50% (TEC)

Hay Absolute (hierochloe alpina) 50% (TEC)

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Base Note

CAS# 92128-62-6

Manufacturer: Firmenich

Odor Description: sweet-herbal, soft, hay, tobacco, hints of honey and chocolate

The available hay absolutes on the market are usually substances obtained from two species of grass. Perennial ryegrass (lolium perenne) and sweet grass (hierochloe alpina). Often, a mixture of both is encountered.

Among these two, Hierochloe Alpina is the rarer and consequently more expensive species. The scent of its absolute is very complex, with rustic notes of warm grass, bitter tobacco, honeyed sweetness, and even hints of chocolate!

The substance is very efficient; we recommend diluting it to 10 or 5% before use.

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