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Aurantiol™ Pure 50% (ethanol)

Aurantiol™ Pure 50% (ethanol)

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Heart Note

CAS# 89-43-0

Manufacturer: Givaudan

Odor Description: floral, neroli, linden blossom, grape nuances

Aurantiol is the result of a chemical reaction called the Schiff base reaction, between Hydroxycitronellal and Methyl Anthranilate.

Information from the manufacturer's brochure:

Aurantiol™ Pure is perhaps the best known Schiff base and is extensively used in a large variety of floral notes such as orange-blossom, linden-blossom and tuberose. Used in citrus cologne types, it acts as an excellent fixative as well as exalting the top notes. It gives an oriental character when used in amber and chypre compositions and blends particularly well with macrocyclic musks.

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