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Ambre 83 SMP N

Ambre 83 SMP N

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Base Note

CAS# mix

Manufacturer: Symrise

Odor description: sweet-resinous, rich, labdanum, vanilla, spice nuances

Ambre 83 by Symrise is a reconstruction of a famous base from the French company De Laire from the early 20th century. It is somewhat an abstract olfactory entity created by blending the sweetness of vanilla, the resinous nature of labdanum with additions of animal, musky, and spicy notes. The overall scent is very satisfying, soft, and rich.

NOTE: The word "amber" here does not refer to the scent of gray amber (ambergris). Amber means amber. Amber itself does not have a distinct scent, but its color and energy evoke something rich and incredible.

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