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Base Note

CAS# 144020-22-4

Manufacturer: Firmenich

Odor description: woody-musky-amber, cedar and vetiver nuances

NOTE: Fixamber® has the same CAS number as Trimofix®. Theoretically, it is the same molecule, but their odors are not identical. Fixamber is brighter, more transparent, and less ambery.

Information from the official Firmenich website:


FIXAMBER® is a perfect combination of amber, woody and spicy notes with a dry tobacco aspect.


Its excellent fixative properties offer a lot of possibilities in F&F compounding and is especially recommended in fine fragrance. Almost like a mystical elixir, FIXAMBER® brings voluptuousness and bright sunshine aspects to any compositions. FIXAMBER® can also enters in functional applications such as shampoos or shower gels.

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